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5th students exchange Patras 4-10 October 2019

Monday 4/10

Arrival day.

Tuesday 5/10

8:15-10:30. 1st workshop “Redesign Earth in an scratch  environment” and “I post my views on the padlet wall”. Activity designed and executed by prof N. Bakopoulos.

10:30-11:00 Break

11:00-12:15. 2nd workshop “The big snake”. An outdoor activity designed and executed by Dr V. Amariotakis, and prof: C. Panagiotopoulou, C. Ktena. V. Kizili and Dr A. Stamouli.

Students divided in 4 teams had to role the dies and answer questions related with the 3rd year’s goals.  Τhe winning team had multi-purpose water containers as a prize, in order to reduce plastic water bottles. Eventually all teams won!

12: 15-13:15. Workshop “Start Dancing”. Activity designed and executed by prof C. Panagiotopoulou.

Students learned and danced Greek dances. It was a perfect way for all students to bond their relationship!

Wednesday 6/10

8:15-15:00. Field trip to Ancient Olympia. Activity designed by prof N. Kampylis and executed by Dr V. Amariotakis and prof E. Prigipakis.

Students and escort teachers visited Ancient Olympia where the Olympic Games were born. Also, the visited the Museum where they saw the statue of Ermis. The statue dated around 340 BC, in the transition from Late Classical to early Hellenistic sculpture. The statue because of its beauty is the ideal image of classical beauty and sculpture, has become famous all over the world.    

Thursday 7/10

08:15-10:15. Workshop “Glorious T-shirt”. Activity designed by Dr V. Amariotakis and prof C. Stefanidi. Executed by Art teachers: M. Pelullo, C. Cincoti and A. Erotocritou.

Students had to paint one T-shirt sending their environmental messages.

10:15-10:30. Break

10:30-13:15. Workshop “Time travel”. Activity designed by Dr V. Amariotakis and prof C. Stefanidi. Executed by prof: E. Prigipakis, C. Panagiotopoulou and C. Ktena.

Students visited the new Archaeological Museum of Patras which is focusing on the exhibition of various archaeological finds, from the Mycenaean to the Late Roman Era, discovered in the greater Achaia region. Students made their own clay artwork.

Friday 8/10

07:30-17:30. Field trip to Kalavrita. Activity designed by Dr V. Amariotakis and executed by Dr V. Amariotakis and prof V. Kizili.

A full day trip to Kalavrita. Students and escort teachers visited Kalavrita, a small traditional town in the mountains of Achaia. They went to Kalavrita by Odontotos rack railway. With an unparallel journey that lasts for about one hour and starts from Diakofto, the rack railway runs through the gorge of Vouraikos (ranked at top fife most beautiful gorges in Greece) and the village of Zachlorou, ending up in Kalavryta. The train covers the 22 km journey travelling at a speed of 30-40km/h when moving along the regular rack and 6-15km/h when moving along the toothed racks. Students also visited the most important monument in Kalavrita, the Site of Execution, which is placed on the hill Kapi, 500 meters nere the center of town. There on 13 December 1943 all men who were more than 14 years old, were killed by Nazi.

Saturday 9/10

Free day. 

Sunday 10/11

Departure day.

I would like to thank the members of the pedagogical team for their contribution to the actions implemented.

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